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Ladies Tantra Massage

1. Tantric Massage helps to break down blockages and to release toxins to increase blood flow
2. Increased blood flow helps to release more hormones easily
3. Healthy hormone balance helps us to protect against against many health related problems such as

Memory loss
Back pain
Poor ciculation
Decreased libido
Helps to release past trauma and emotions held in bodily organs, increasing the orgasmic potential.

Tantric Yoni massage can help provide spiritual clarity in a women’s life it can also have a healing effect on the body. Experiencing a Tantric rituals yoni massage in a safe environment with our male masseur will uplift and empower you. Longer sessions are recommended for a ladies massage as a lady usually needs more time to awaken the ki energy. A the ki energy is enhanced you will find time slips away allowing you to drift deeper into relaxation and bliss.

The yoni is the home of a very potent and powerful, latent energy and therefore a powerhouse. Because most modern-day women are unfamiliar with tantric practices, this energy lays dormant and stagnant – an untapped potential.

Aromatherapy plays a big role in the massage and your therapist will use only high grade organic essential oils. Organic oils are natural to the body and bring many benefits. Our training in Ancient Ayurvedic methods provide us with a detailed knowledge with the correct combination of oils to achieve healing.

However there are five essential steps a woman can expect when you are with a skilled therapist.

1. A full massage of the back and legs is treated using Tantra Massage Techniques and Ayurvedic Marma points.
2. Precise pressure points are pressed on the body and pelvis to activate energy and prepare for yoni massage
3. The yoni is gently massaged externally.
4. If the woman is ready the therapist can then begin releasing key areas of blockages.
5. The therapeutic session concludes with a final circulation of energy. The woman is left energized with a sense of well being.

Massage Duration 
1 Hour€180
80 Mins€220
100 Mins€300